Modern Times

Modern Times

Based in France, pianist Yonathan Avishai is undoubtedly one of the most singular voices of his generation.
A member of trumpeter Avishai Cohens quartet, he presents today his own project Modern Times.

In 2015 appeared Modern Times’s first album entitled Trio, with bassist Yoni Zelnik and drummer Donald Kontomanou, it was followed in 2016 by The parade, with the trio joined by César Poirier (saxophone, clarinet) and Inor Sotolongo (percussion). Released on the french label Jazz&People both albums were acclaimed by the critics: Jazz Magazine (Choc), Jazz News (Indispensable), Mezzo (Le top jazz) et Télérama. Yonathan was elected as 2017, Révélation française de l’année in Jazz Magazine.

Yonathan signed recently with label ECM and his next trio album will be released in the beginning 2019.

More than a band, Modern Times is a space of musical exploration that results in a unique sound. Yonathans original style revives the basic ele-ments of jazz – swing, blues and improvisation – in a very personal way.
Inspired by artistes such as Louis Armstrong, John Lewis, Art ensem-ble of Chicago and Mark Rothko, Yonathan creates an emotional and colorful poetic world. He strives to deepen the dimension of his music, packing each note with a dramatic charge. It is through an economy of means and experimenting with cycles that this music takes form. In his music minimalism is a mean of observing movement and attaining the essential, the poetry.

“Thrilling and exciting, this music has a constant flow. It deserves our unreserved applause.”
Jazz Magazine

“Modern Times is fascinating from beginning to end... We’ll hear a lot more about Yonathan Avishai, the man who makes his piano sing and the rhythm dance.”

“Through a poetic stroll in the world of cycles we discover what the essence of what music should be. “
Jazz News

“Yonathan Avishai allows silence and desire to settle in music.”
France Musique